You Ain't Never Heard One Way Like This Before

One Way are newbies to the Korean music scene, debuting in March of this year, but they are already pwning most of the competition with their remarkable talent and smooth contemporary R&B sound that is for the most part missing from the K-music scene. They're finally releasing their first official album on the 22nd(!) but decided to grace us with early Christmas present - an acoustic, English version of the lead single, "Rainy Days", complete with video. Their English skills are great, making this one a song you can recommend to your friends who don't listen to Korean music.

I absolutely love this song, and it's been on repeat since the video dropped yesterday. It's a heartfelt song about heartbreak, and a testament to good songwriting that you can feel all of the emotions with just a guitar, voices and some rain sounds. One Way have surpassed their previously released material with this song, and I expect their album to do the same when it drops. Apart from Christmas, this is the thing I'm looking forward to the most this month. This and GD + TOP's album release :D

P.S. I might have a little awards ceremony for the end of the year - all the other bloggers do it, so I should do one too right? If I have time, and if at least one person who reads this blog says they want me to, I'll make it happen.


  1. good find, I really like this song. It is nice and mellow.

  2. I haven't had time to review anything or comment much on new music, but I'm really liking this song.

    And I'd love to see an end of year ceremony :D Everyone and their mothers are doing it haha it's like a blogger thing, I guess.

    Back to the song! I agree with you. The songwriting is top notch, they're well spoken. Far better than Far East Movement, which is weird.

    I really like the subtle use of actual 'rain' throughout the song. You think it'd sound cheesy, but it's distant enough that it compliments the good vibes One Way have created with this song.

    Loves it. :)


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