Some Utada for Your Week and Weekend

Hey everyone! This week won’t have a proper midweek music post because I’m in major study mode for the next two weeks. But, I will share with you one of a few great gifts I got this week – a friend of mine sent me Utada Hikaru’s Heart Station album from 2008. Let me tell you right now – this album is amazing. It was extremely successful at the time of its release, and rightfully so. It’s got a beautiful electro-pop-soul vibe throughout that perfectly complements Utada’s dreamy yet powerful vocals. I don’t even know if I’m making sense right now – today isn’t an eloquent day - so I’ll just let you listen to it yourself and hopefully you’ll hear what I’m trying to say about this.

Japanese music companies have a strict hold on video websites so I couldn’t find all the tracks from the album, but please enjoy what’s here (and ignore the anime/manga tributes if that’s not your thing). And if you are so inclined, buy the album! Amazon and YesAsia both have it for around $16-17, and there’s a digital iTunes version for $7.99. Expect more Japanese stuff to pop up on the blog – I’ve found the Japanese electro-pop group on and I’m finding some amazing artists. 


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