GD&TOP Premiere Event: Sleep-Deprived, But Intrigued


So with a new boost in the time department (by a couple of hours), I decided to stay up and watch the GD&TOP premiere event last night. I couldn't live-blog it because my internet connection was just barely fast enough for the stream to not stutter and spit like crazy, but I made some notes on my phone that I'll now share with you. Pardon the random comments  - it was 3am.

As you read, you can listen to the tracks here, kindly provided by the people at - thanks a million!

 Excitement! That hair though, GD. Really?

1. Intro
The unknown track from the MAMA performance. Old school instrumental - I like! Produced by E.Knock. Great intro, full of swag


2. Oh Yeah
Electro track courtesy of Teddy. PARK BOM! Flawless as always :) ... but wait, only a preview??? Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Why did I stay up for this again? *sigh*

*EDIT*: Full track out! It's electro, but it's not a club track (*jumps for joy*). It sounds like it's more closely related to the Japanese electro sound, which tends to be less club-driven and more melodic. I actually prefer this to "High High", but I understand that the k-pop audience will probably respond better to that track. Bom stays flawless, and I can see why they used her here instead of on "Jibe Kajima" - she really completes this song, even though most of the time she's just singing "Oh Yeah". I can't think of anyone else with vocals that can match the energy of GD&TOP and yet bring musicality to the track as well. Definitely in my top 3 tracks from this album.

3. Baby Good Night

More old school! Cool soul groove instrumental this time. E-knock again. GD singing. Definitely appeals to my tastes. and it's got melody! My fave so far.... wait, is that French? Okay, I'm sold


(Just as a note, all songs were co-composed by GD and TOP, so when I mention the producer it's only to give an idea of the sound of the track.. GD and TOP are listed first in the credits so I suspect they're the main creatives on the album)

4. Ppeokkigayo

They're playing YG Concert Footage! So epic - wish i could have been there. In the actual song the rap is a little more understated, which i kinda prefer - it gives it a more lean-back-in-the-car type vibe. Ooh full version - extra verse at the end. Loved it at the MAMAs, still love it here.

Random thought: this whole series of single releases and album releases are only going to make fan fervor more intense in anticipation for the Big Bang full album. It better be good. I will not tolerate Korean versions of Japanese tracks. They'll get a stake in the heart for that.

5. Jibe Kajima (!)
GD, Teddy, E-Knock. GD wrote all the lyrics. Didn't end up using Bom - I'm bummed, but GD carries it. 80's light music and disco vibe according to the description. Pretty accurate - it sounds like it could have been released around the time MJ released "Rock With You". It's good, but Bom would have made  it that much more awesome.


6. Oh Mom
TOP track with E-Knock. Rock/hip-hop. He's singing! He's processed, but he's singing! And either him or GD is harmonizing. Not bad. Lyrics based on a true story about a friend's inner struggle. This one will be a grower

7. Obsession

GD solo with E-Knock. Oh NO - is that autotune? Why?????  Like the beat, but he's getting docked for using the T-Pain app. These descriptions are hilarious though - "It creates the feeling of being in a nightmare and running in an empty sky." Really? I can't .


House? Did they say house?

8. Of All Days

TOP and Choice37. 
Chill, understated, a little dull till the chorus kicks in. Probably one you let play but don't pay much attention to. House, eletronica and hip hop influences, a song about searching for freedom.

Talking... YG... hot security dude


9. Do what You Want
Got a bit a funk in here! Oh wait, is this Rockabilly? Lol. Described as rock 'n' roll, but not the Elvis kind, mind you. Something about being drunk. I have an amazing idea for a music video for this, haha.

High High next? Finally.
 Club track? Oh well, at least they're honest.
 LOL TOP's making a weird face

. Oh, MV? YES!!!

...and now the stream f's up on me. Thanks. Oh well, it's only a preview anyway. The video is basically them partying in a club. Nothing special. Plenty of white and Asian chicks - and a random black dude...

10. High High
No description but I'm guessing Teddy/E-Knock on this one. Electrolicious, done with restraint, (i.e. they're not puking up effects on you. And minimal processing. It kinda sounds like a Far East Movement track actually. Nice track overall, but a lead single? Eh.

EDIT: Full track just came out. In HQ, I notice it has traces of 2NE1's "I'm Busy" (without the crazy tempo changes, thank goodness). Middle eight is fun, but the chorus is just so dull. A good chorus would have made this amazing.

And... we're coming to the end, I think. Press conference, now? Fan signing? 
Wait, full video now? Yay! ...And again stream is stuttering... oh wait, they're just replaying the preview *fumes*. LOL at the girl holding on to TOP for dear life... Not gonna lie, though - I'd probably do that too.

Okay, press conference. I think I'll call it. I saw what I came to see. 

Well, hello... (Source:

My Thoughts
 Of course,  you cant get a good idea of an album from previews only - I learned this lesson with Taeyang and 2AM's albums earlier this year. I can see why they went with the GDTOP allbum first though: the songs are good, but they're not the pop hit we're expecting from Big Bang, which they need to have if they want to take back the chart crown from SNSD, which is what i hope they'll do. (No offense to the girls, but it would be nice if a group won a chart award for a good song, and not just for good marketing.) The songs are essentially the album rejects, but they're damn good rejects. So I'm actually happy they decided to release them anyway. Besides, GD and TOP have the presence and talent to make them appealing despite their reject status. I think I can say with confidence that I will enjoy GDTOP's album once it comes out in full. I'm currently loving the old school hiphop and electro tracks best, but I expect the rest to grow on me.

I do have to give them props for the musical diversity exhibited in the album. They navigate each genre with ease, and I always appreciate that quality in an artist. I think here they benefit from starting out in an idol band because they're already used to puting rap onto non-hip-hop instrumentals, so adjusting to other genres becomes a little less of stretch.

As for this event, as I get ready to sleep it's obvious to me that this is all purely promotional, not really for any reason other than to get us hyped for the actual release. And while I dont like getting owned (and having my sleep stolen) by publicity stunts, I cant say it didnt work. I might regret losing the sleep, but i'm a lot more inclined to listen to the album in full now. Here's hoping i'm still excited on Wednesday/next week. I won't be writing a new review when it comes out, but when you listen to it, let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. I'm kind of really excited for this album. I'm thinking of pre ordering it :O


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