Sunday, January 24, 2010

"If we were to wake up to our Oneness, the world would be in a much different place. The human heart is what needs to be changed, so through serving others and serving yourself so that you may be an educator and example in your community…i encourage each of you to find your own special way to do this. Whether it be through the arts, the legal field, medicine, whatever…find spiritual solutions to social problems, pray and you will be guided…this is why we are here."

I am always awed at the wisdom of her words.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Fangirl's Closet - Amber f(x)

So, Eccentric recently posted on Amber from the Korean girl group f(x), and I have to agree with her that I absolutely love this girl's style. Her clothes are fabulous (most of the time - I was not particularly feeling her outfit in this performance) and her hair is awesome - I would only get a weave if that was the hair I was going to rock. Anyway, I am, once again, broke and unable to satisfy my style craving by going out and purchasing something Amber-inspired, so instead I'm going to talk about it here :P

My favorite Amber look is the one featured in f(x)'s Chocolate Love video:

(Random useless fact: this song is actually a remake of a song by veteran K-pop girl group Girl's Generation (SNSD) done as a commercial for the LG phone featured prominently in the video. This kind of promotion is pretty common in Korea.)

It's basically skinny pants (potentially shiny - me and my big butt will take a raincheck on that one) and a cropped jacket with a small/no collar, and sharp, sometimes embellished shoulders. She wears a similar outfit in the video for "LaChaTa":

If you want a similar jacket, there are these awesome ones from Forever 21:

I love Forever 21 because you can always find trends for less on their website. Definitely check it out if you find a piece that you love and can't afford - you'll almost certainly find a good cheapie version here :)

What do you think of her look? Is it unique, or contrived?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Like The First Time

The band is called T-ara (pronounced "Tiara") and this song is AWESOME. Eccentric put me on to K-Pop and now I'm hooked. Expect more videos in the future :)