Monday, December 7, 2009

An Otaku's Closet, Vol. 1

So in a random search for Christmas presents, I discovered that I was an otaku, i.e. a person obsessed with Japanese pop culture. I felt slightly less cool after that - I thought it was just a personal quirk: turns out it's a phenomenon. Oh well. I might as well embrace it, right? In this spirit, I present to you An Otaku's Closet.

Basically what happened was I was in Topshop in NYC for a hot second during a whirlwind day of shopping, and I spotted this GORGEOUS jacket : cropped, navy blue with a lovely sheen, overlapping front flaps secured with a gold zip, and sweeping pleats around the collar. *sigh. It was love at first sight, but our relationship quickly turned sour when I saw the price tag. I still have feelings for it, though - I am seriously considering going all the way back to NYC to get it. It reminded me of the clothes worn by the characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena, the anime that Eccentricyoruba blogged about a couple of weeks ago, and that I am now mildly obsessed with. Walking out of the store, I thought: hey, why don't I put together an outfit inspired by the show? So I did! I won't be buying the clothes anytime soon: Black Friday and Christmas have decimated my bank account, but I can dream at least. Here's the outfit I came up with:

The first picture is of Utena, the show's main protagonist. She's a girl who wants to be a prince, so she dresses in boy's clothes, and duels to protect her Rose Bride, Anthy. Her clothes are styled in the men's fashion, but still feminine, so I tried to express that here. Essentially you need a military-inspired jacket, some sort of rose accessory, slim pants and men's shoes (I figured red shorts would be a bit much. Red pants might work, though) . The jacket and the necklace are from Modcloth, but sadly are both out of stock! The high waisted pants are from, an Asian fashion store online(!) and would go very well with a cropped military jacket. The shoes are from American Apparel, and I am seriously considering getting a pair soon. They're great shoes.

What do you think? Good, or no good?

Edit: Sorry about the image size - Blogger's acting up. Click on the image to enlarge.