Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cover Art and Preview Clip of Crystal Kay's "Dum Ditty Dumb"

There is sushi on this single cover. The. Fuck.

I would write more about how messed up this is - how disappointed I am that Crystal's A&R people thought this was a good idea, how ridiculous it is that there is still so little cultural knowledge about Asia that we're resorting to ancient clich├ęs, and how I was hoping Crystal would do something different so as to help expand that cultural knowledge in both directions - but it's so ridiculous to me that I can't be bothered. Here, listen to this clip of the single instead:

Crystal Kay is my forever fave. She's put out some killer albums in the past (Vivid available at your local iTunes store - get ON that shit) and I am expecting a lot from her US debut. This, however, sounds unfortunately like a milder version of Rihanna's Birthday Cake, and therefore does nothing to showcase all that CK has going for her. The girl has a killer voice - why resort to merely attempting to seduce listeners when you can blow them away instead? But no, some idiot said, "Well, she's black, she's sexy, she's Japanese... I've got it! Japanese Rihanna. Let's push that - give her a sexy lead single, and make the album cover REALLY Japanese - you know, chopsticks, sushi, the works." *sigh*.

The worst part is that, for all their "brilliant" pandering to popular stereotypes about Japan, and playing it safe with a derivative lead single, this song is probably going to flop. I wish I could say I felt bad about that.