Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stuff I Like Right Now

1. Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets

Isn't she awesome? So awesome, in fact, that I ordered her single on a 7" LP before I realized I don't have a turntable. Oh well. It's about time I got one anyway.

2. Bonjay - Gimmee Gimmee (Wire Hanger Remix)

Gimmee Gimmee (Wire Hanger remix) - Bonjay

Bonjay are a Canadian duo of singer/rapper and DJ. Their MySpace page says they do Reggae/Club/Soul, which I think is a pretty good description. I downloaded a lot of awesome free mp3s from The Fader last weekend, but this is the one that I keep going back to. Loving it. If you like it, you can buy their EP when it comes out next week.

3. Bacon. And Breakfast Sandwiches.

I all of a sudden have a thing for bacon. The greasiness, the saltiness... lovely. I guess this means I can't date anyone who keeps kosher. Oh well. I've been getting these delicious breakfast sandwiches from this deli down the street. Not like the one in the picture, but up there on the yummy-meter. Comforts me on many a late night.

4. East Asia and all non-medical related things. I've decided to postpone the real world until I figure out how I want to deal with it. So I'm escaping to China to be a photographer/videographer/anthropological researcher/intern/teacher. Don't tell my parents though - I have to break the news to them gently so that they don't spontaneously combust when they hear it. I also have no idea how I'm going to get to China, but I'll let you know once I do.

5. My hair. It's at this weird in between stage where it's not long or short, but I'm learning its nature day by day. So far I've learned that it likes heavy creams and oils, and takes any shape you give it. It also will NOT hang down no matter what I do to it. I think I'd need to grow like eight inches before that happens. So now I need to find alternative styling options from the ones that I had been dreaming of doing when I cut my hair. It's cool though - I'll just be the one with the crazy hairdo. Won't make any difference - people already give me weird looks as it is. I have no idea why, either - I figure I just look strange to them and I ignore them.

Well, five is a nice number for a list and I have somewhere to be. Later y'allz.