Monday, January 18, 2010

A Fangirl's Closet - Amber f(x)

So, Eccentric recently posted on Amber from the Korean girl group f(x), and I have to agree with her that I absolutely love this girl's style. Her clothes are fabulous (most of the time - I was not particularly feeling her outfit in this performance) and her hair is awesome - I would only get a weave if that was the hair I was going to rock. Anyway, I am, once again, broke and unable to satisfy my style craving by going out and purchasing something Amber-inspired, so instead I'm going to talk about it here :P

My favorite Amber look is the one featured in f(x)'s Chocolate Love video:

(Random useless fact: this song is actually a remake of a song by veteran K-pop girl group Girl's Generation (SNSD) done as a commercial for the LG phone featured prominently in the video. This kind of promotion is pretty common in Korea.)

It's basically skinny pants (potentially shiny - me and my big butt will take a raincheck on that one) and a cropped jacket with a small/no collar, and sharp, sometimes embellished shoulders. She wears a similar outfit in the video for "LaChaTa":

If you want a similar jacket, there are these awesome ones from Forever 21:

I love Forever 21 because you can always find trends for less on their website. Definitely check it out if you find a piece that you love and can't afford - you'll almost certainly find a good cheapie version here :)

What do you think of her look? Is it unique, or contrived?

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  1. gosh i wish i was in America so i could go shopping! Amber is my girl!! i love her look till the end of days!