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This is going to be a short post. Basically, I disliked this song when I first heard it. Bored me to death. Then it started to grow on me as the week went on. Now, seeing the video, I understand why SM chose this as the lead song. And, I might even be happy about it. Basically, with this song, SNSD has matured, leaving the cute and saccharine behind, hopefully for good. If "Gee" was their cute pre-teen phase, "Oh!" was their teenage phase and "Hoot" is when they've finally become young women in their twenties, which is what they are (but you'd never know!). And that, I can get with. The video isn't amazing, but I love the choreography and I appreciate Choi Siwon's hot self making an appearance. The mini-album wasn't bad either; that is, I actually listened to more than one song all the way through, and liked one of them. This is a big step for me as I have severely disliked any song other than their lead single since they debuted. Dare I say, I might be becoming an actual SNSD fan? (gasp!?) Okay girls, I'm onboard. Just... no more cutesy Christmas songs. They make me puke. Thanks.

Random side note: I am older than every single member of this group. Does that weird me out? Yes. It also makes me feel bad that I earn less money than them despite having gone to college. What is my life?


  1. I'm still iffy about this group. I don't think I'll ever like-like them enough to purchase their music, but I do see what you're saying about the level of maturity. It's not as cute as their previous work, but I'm not getting enough wow-factor from them. Still!

    And after watching that one cringe-worthy performance this week, vocally, they're still lacking.

    On a different note: They have AMAZING stylists. They look absolutely gorgggg!

  2. @mcroth yes they do look awesome! I want their hairstylist (though not the one that did Tiffany's dye job - dnw). and i agree with you about them lacking "wow" factor: I still think of them as just a bunch of pretty and somewhat talented girls who have a great marketing team behind them and only a few good tracks. But, I guess I'm beginning to fall for the marketing? Appreciate it? I don't know. Before I was just a fan of individual members, like Taeyeon and Seohyun, but now seeing that they can branch out of the cutesy thing into other styles (and not just for kicks, like Run Devil Run) I'm willing to give them the chance to impress me as a group.

  3. I actually like Hoot, from the first listen I knew the song was going to make a SNSD fan out of me. I haven't listened to the mini-album though. Which songs off it did you like?

  4. @eccentric I like "Mistake" the ballad track, though it's not particularly amazing - I just like the chorus. The other songs are just okay, nothing spectacular.


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