Friday, October 8, 2010

Erm... it's my birthday?

Happy birthday to me, I guess, lol. I don't really have a huge reason to post, except to let everyone know it's my birthday (so that I can have more birthday wishes - I'm greedy that way, lol). I don't really have any deep thoughts about turning 22, but I do want thank God for bringing me this far in life, and ask for continued guidance and blessings as I go into my twenty-third (eep!) year in life. To all you young'uns (and older people, who are still young too!) - remind yourself everyday of the good things about you and your life, appreciate them, and constantly strive for bigger and better things. Don't let a day go by without working towards some goal or dream of yours. Trust me, you'll be much happier that way. And if you're religious or spiritual in any way, frequently check in with that greater power - it helps to be reminded that you're not alone, and that there is something out there bigger than yourself that you're a part of. If you live your life mindful of that, good things will come to you. And lastly, for everyone - religious, spiritual or neither - live a life that you can be proud of. It won't be without regrets, but at least live so that when you look back, you can say that you did your best to make yourself a better person, and to make life better for the people around you.

I can't think of anything else big to say, but I did want to spazz a little because Beast won their very first K-chart win today for "Breathe"! I predicted this would happen, so I'm doubly happy at being right, especially since I think they truly deserve it. Congratulations, Beast!

Time to party! Here's a playlist I made for McRoth's Residence's one-year anniversary, and I figured it could be my birthday playlist as well (though I'd throw in some African jams, and some more house music personally) so if you're looking for some dance music (mostly Korean, with some Latin and American music thrown in), click here and enjoy!!! Since I made this for McRoth, I'll leave the playlist as is for now, and in a week or so, convert it to "My Global Party Playlist" and astound you all with my amazing DJ skills - be prepared :)

As a birthday present to myself, I should really move my personal blog to Wordpress already... except I now want to move this blog to Wordpress too, because there you can reply to comments and get e-mail notifications and stuff, and I think that's a much better format for my music and culture blog because I want to foster discussion and debate over this stuff. Do you guys agree? Or should I just shut up and get on with it? This is a major problem for me in general, though - I plan, but never execute. I have to change - this will be my goal for my next year of life.

P.S: Just found out that it's also Shaun Evaristo's birthday! So I share my birthday with him and Matt Damon, as well as some other awesome peeps. I think this is a sign that I am inclined by birth to be a creative and successful person. Or at least, I like to think that way :) If you don't know who Shaun Evaristo is, you're missing out - he's an amazing choreographer and dancer who just launched his own choreography management company The Movement Lifestyle, but he's best known in the k-pop world as having choreographed for Taeyang!! Check him out dancing with Taeyang and Lyle Beniga in "Where U At":

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  1. HAAAAPPYYYY BIRRRRRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Just today I found the strength to crawl out of bed, so that's why I'm slightly late in congratulating you on the big 2 2!

    If I wanted to say anything, I'd be better off copying and pasting what you said already - but I think I'll insert a Mexican song that is used by tradition on Birthdays instead, titled "Las MaƱanitas". It's by the iconic Mariachi singer Vicente Fernandez. This particular version though is by his son, Alejandro Fernandez. Enjoy, and many blessings!

    The song is usually played to the Birthday boy/girl in the morning, hence the title of the song. :D