Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Midweek Music List

So my dear blogger friend Eccentric suggested I post some of the awesome music I've been listening to recently, so I figured I would :D I may make it a regular thing, I may not - Let me know! I listen to a ton of new music every week (too much, if you ask me) and occasionally I find some real gems. Here are the five top songs of mine that I discovered last week:

1. Sunwoo ft. 4Men - Eyes Nose Mouth

What can I say about this song apart from, it's amazing?!?! I absolutely love it. Pace changing in songs usually does not agree with me, but somehow it works in this one. It's got a lovely R&B/soul bent that really appeals to me. Plus all of the singers are killing it! This is the lead single from Sunwoo's debut EP, Harmony, and can I just say I love her voice? It's as beautiful as it is versatile - you have to listen to "Nella Fantasia" to really appreciate it. Her voice is unique among most k-pop singers in that she's a soprano (do you hear those Mariah Carey notes in the last chorus? damn.) as opposed to a tenor, and it blends perfectly well with the 4Men guys, who do well with the higher registers as well. I'm seriously falling in love with their voices, especially the guy who does the ad-libs in the last chorus (need to learn their names!) Epicness would be seeing all of them perform this live. If I saw that in person, I might die happy. Definitely my most-played track of the last week.

2. Psy - Right Now

Coming in a close second is veteran performer Psy's "Right Now". I absolutely love the music video for it's fun, I don't give a *bleep*, let's dance! feel and Psy's hilarious antics. Also, eagle-eyed YG fans will notice that it's chock full of YG dancers, who I have to say are an attractive and supremely talented bunch. Actress Seo Woo makes a cameo at the end, and has her own version of the MV where she basically looks sexy and makes me feel inferior, but it's still fun too. The song itself is infectiously catchy, and is accompanied by many more great tracks of the hip-hop, pop and dance variety on Psy's latest album PSYFIVE, released under YG Ent. in a new deal he signed with the music mega-company. Fans of his previous material shouldn't worry though - he has full creative control over his music and will still be bringing the awesome every time.

3. Crystal Kay - Flash

Crystal Kay - FLASH from xYao9x on Vimeo.

So I'm not really a J-pop fan, but I have to say that Japanese artists are coming out with some sick stuff these days. Crystal Kay is a Japanese artist of African-American and Korean descent who has been making music for the past eleven years (she's 24). This track is off her latest EP of the same name, and it's got a.t.t.i.t.u.d.e. This should be the theme song of every superheroine movie or TV show ever. This is really only the second release from Crystal Kay (or as the Japanese call her, Kuri-chan - how cute is that?) that I've listened to, aside from "Girl U Love" which a friend sent to me randomly, but I'm already hooked - this woman is talented. The rest of the mini-album is worth a listen too - my current favorite of the other tracks is "Happy", a self-composed tribute to Michael Jackson, which I think is so appropriate and so beautiful.
(Side-note: Notice the Rain doppelganger in the video - not the real thing, but hot nonetheless)

4. I Can't and 5. Even If You Leave Me - 2PM

My favorite tracks off their latest album. "I Can't" was written by Ra.D, who also composed "I'm In Love" which Narsha covered amazingly for her solo mini-album. It makes great use of 2PM's voices, better than any other song of theirs, and is such a chill vibe. Every time I listen to it I imagine sitting in a field in summer as someone strums the chords on their guitar. Lovely stuff. "Even If You Leave Me" was composed by the same dude who did "Maja" my fave track from their last mini-album. It's upbeat, yet heartfelt, which I like, and which I feel few songwriters manage to pull off without getting overly angsty and dramatic with it. It's not mind-blowingly awesome musically, but it's a really enjoyable listen, especially if, like me, you listen to it walking around in a big city, allowing the music to be the soundtrack to the hustle and bustle. Again, great use of their voices - I feel like in most tracks they try to stretch them past their vocal capacity and the result is just barely passable, but here, the song fits their abilities and they sound great. I like that in these tracks Taecyeon doesn't bark out his raps like he's a drill sergeant, but actually delivers his lines with style. It's actually kinda hot. As much as I appreciated the shirt-ripping antics of your Heartbeat days, Taec, this suits you better. Stick with it.

Done! What do you think? What were your favorite new tracks from the last week?

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