Remember the days...

...when all the dancing popstars needed to do was a little two-step coupled with enough hair flipping and six-pack flashing to keep the fans screaming? It's like that's changing. Below is a video for the song "Beat Again" by the British boyband JLS (they won some awards show...), and from the looks of it, they are doing some serious popping and locking.

Compare with 5ive's video for "If Ya Gettin' Down, circa 1999. Minimal dancing from the band themselves, but decent moves from the back-up dancers.

I still like this song, though I now find it considerably cheesy and not as banging as I originally thought. A little remastering and remixing though, and I would bump this song in my car. If I had a car, that is.


  1. need ur email. por favor. :]

  2. LOL

    Pop idol they were runners up but iAgree with comment.....


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