I <3 Amazon

Just got Mos Def's "The Ecstatic" for $3.99!!! This has made my week :)

I also got Chrisette Michele's new album a couple of months ago for $2.99, but haven't listened to it yet (slaps herself on the hand).

I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to afford to actually buy my music, since I like so many different artists. But if Amazon keeps this up, that won't be a problem :) They are also selling 88-Keys and The Foreign Exchange's albums for $5, along with albums from Coheed and Cambria, Eartha Kitt, and Cream. Get them while they're hot.

That being said, all future gifts in the form of iTunes/Amazon/7digital gift cards, or actual CDs, will be gratefully accepted :)

P.S. Green Day released a new album and I've heard NOTHING about it. What gives? I thought they were like the pioneers of 90's punk rock, and a major influence on many of today's bands. Oh well.


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