People who Beef Beyonce More Than Me

From Concrete Loop, comments on this article of Beyonce on the cover of Ebony:

Beyaki has a nappy weave, look at her edges in that closeup pic with the blue fit on.

Beyaki teefis look like a halloween jacko-lantern why?

Beyaki face is looking chubby like she been eating fried chicken non stop

Beyaki looks preggos! Look at her stomach when she is sitting down, it looks like she is at least 4 months, its that or Popeye’s chicken and biscuits is shoved under her shirt.

She is too overrated. Yall acting like that 80’s hairdo is hot, it is not, can she get original and come with something that is flattering on her, NOT.

Beyaki needs weave, 10 pounds of makeup and some veneers on those criss crossed teefis!

Beyonce only wearing her hair like that because she is on the cover of a black magazine, EBONY LOL Don’t be fooled she is only doing this for black folks approval! No surprise because she is trying to do the story of Angela Davis now she wants to rock an ethnic hair do. go figure, lame beyonce LOL
Still trying to bore us with more secrets about her fake marriage, YAWN
Sit down YAWNCE you are so boring!

I am disappointed in Ebony magazine. How can we go from Michelle Obama, a respectable and upstanding shining example of a black woman to this coonish buffonish booty rump shaking talentless hack, ie. a pile of fat back we so affectionately call beyonce. lol This trick is just pimped out by her father to any magazine that will put her on the cover and then we call that star power? No, this girl is not talented, she even lip synched at the Oscars while they put her up there on display to entertain the white folkz, sheesh. Ebony should be ashamed putting this coochie poppin’ embarrassment to the black community on the cover.

She is not representing sistas. She is a convenient negro who pulls out her black nappy wig when she has to do a cover that is pandered to our community. I dare her to wear it to the Oscar’s next year. lol It won’t happen because she is spineless, only black when she has to do a black mag cover, so shallow and transparent beyonce. I have named you the “Convenient Negro” how about doing a movie about that instead of trying to be a real iconic black figure like Angela Davis. You have no depth to do that role, you’re only trying to be down with the black community NOW because you think you need us to go see you debacle that role, not going to happen though. We see through you BE-foonery Knowles!

I won't even hate, Beyonce looks really good in the shoot - whether her hair is her real hair or not. Though I kind of wish it was: that would be some justification for patronizing our dear friend the lacefront wig - she could say she was protecting her hair so that it could grow. But then again, you have to wonder... is she sporting the fro because she wants to get the Angela Davis role? Who's to say?

Interestingly enough, most of these comments were either praise or hate, or praisers hating on the haters. You have to wonder about people who get such polarized criticism.


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