Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Promise, I'm Not Drinking the Haterade On This One

Check this out.

I fail to understand why Beyonce keeps getting the roles of all these Black American icons in movies. I still feel that she doesn't represent black women, and that asking her to play people that so many black women identify with and look up to is just wrong. I'm guessing that people are hoping her celebrity status will make people watch the movie, or that by giving her all these roles she will suddenly morph into the Oscar-winning actress that she isn't right now. Whichever reason, I think we're giving her too much credit. The film maker says it would be a good dramatic role for her. But it's not like she's never had dramatic roles before. She's only ever acted in one comedy. It would be a good dramatic role for any other black actress: why Beyonce in particular?

The poll results say it all. I rest my case.


  1. Even though I completely agree with you, you have to admit...you kinda are {drinking haterade} ^_^

  2. if haterade = my own opinion, then sure. i say what i think about beyonce. sometimes people agree and sometimes they don't. i'll say it anyway. if that's drinking haterade, so be it.

    as in this is no haterade babes! it is TRUE talk. That babe is not even remotely black in any way..the closest thing is her skin and that isnt even close enough!