Monday, February 9, 2009


Domestic abuse is wrong. I don't know why Chris Brown would hit Rihanna, but he shouldn't have done it. Pure and simple. I can't believe people are saying she probably provoked him (reminds me of a post I wrote about guys ganging up against the girls...). People can be so ignorant.

I don't even know how to feel about it. I think what disturbs me the most is that it's not just celebrities - it's people MY age. Domestic violence is often depicted as the older man beating on the woman, but never as something that occurs between young people barely out of their teens. I guess this goes to show that domestic abuse comes in all shapes and forms. I'm sad for them: that their personal problems, whatever they were, developed into this mess; and also that they can't have much privacy in the matter. I guess the law makes these kinds of things public information, but their celebrity status means that everybody knows all their business, not just what they were in court for.

Also, Rihanna did a brave thing by calling the police about it. A lot of people can't talk about stuff like this, but she called. She probably knew it would be all over the news the next day, too. Afrobella has a list of domestic abuse resources for anyone who's experienced it, or anyone who knows someone who's going through it. I encourage anyone who's going through this right now to talk to someone about it. It'll help.

In other news, I'm mad that Coldplay got all those Grammys, despite the fact that Viva La Vida... is their worst album to date. I'm either biased towards their older music, or the only person not on their [bleep]. As you can see, I'm annoyed by it. A lot of great artists got Grammys though: Estelle, Duffy, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Chrisette Michele, to name a few. They also screwed over a bunch of people, in my opinion, but they do it every year, so I won't waste time complaining. I figured out long ago that they don't pick winners by what's popular. In some ways, that's good, and in others, it's bad.

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  1. Really Random NameFebruary 9, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    what if it was a fair fight?
    what if she got punches in first?
    does that make him a douchebag still?

    before we go about casting judgement and all that shit, we need to get the story straight.

    For all we know rihanna could have started the violence

  2. first, of all, a fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna will never be a fair fight - he's bigger than her. if she got the punches in first, then she's also guilty of domestic abuse. and that makes two douchebags, not one. however it happened, it shouldn't have happened. period. who cares if she started it? when men go about railing on their wives, does it matter "who started it?" i'm judging the act, here, and not the reasons for it because i don't know them. he shouldn't have hit her. and she shouldn't have hit him, (IF she did). Nobody reported Chris Brown getting any bruises or scratches, so I'm assuming it wasn't a fair fight.