Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Standing Egg asks, "Have You Ever Fallen In Love?"

Is everywhere in Korea this beautiful, or is it just certain places? I keep seeing images like this taken in Korea, and am more and more convinced of the country's beauty. Koreans seem to have a unique ability to find the beauty in the most obscure corners, and seem to pay close attention to detail in their decoration and design. I can imagine myself going there and snapping pictures of every single thing I see.

This screenshot is taken from Standing Egg's video for their recent single, "Have You Ever Fallen In Love?". The single is the acoustic version of a song from their debut album, with (which I talked about in my 2010 Notables post) and features Ra.D, a slightly-lesser-known artist and songwriter whose repertoire I'm only just discovering. He's written for 2PM ("I Can't"), and Ga-In ("Esperando"), and had his song, "I'm In Love" covered by Narsha. Songwriting credits aside, he has a wonderfully smooth voice that perfectly complements the dreamy acoustic vibe of the song. Clover's emotive vocals melt into the guitar line, and the music video completes the package to create a lovely portrait of the blissful, dreamy days of love. I love the tilt-shift lens used at the beginning of the video to give the shots a miniature effect, and the color palette again. It actually makes winter look enjoyable, which is no small feat. And you have an adorable couple being adorable. Perfect for Valentine's Day. (Though as I have no Valentine this year, I probably be playing death metal out of spite. Or watching Love Actually. Hmm... both are equally appealing...) Safe to say, I absolutely adore this song, in both its acoustic and original forms. Enjoy the video below - I suggest fullscreen at 720p :)

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  1. I am currently in Korea, with plans to stay here for another five years while I complete my studies.I hate to admit it, but there are times when I think the cities here are so ugly and indistinguishable, urban sprawl and all that. However, it's not rare for me to pause and find myself surrounded by beauty. It's like being caught in a moment and discovering that the world around me has shifted and changed into something wonderful. This video, along with some scenes in Coffee Prince (among other things), captures that feeling and this song could serve as a soundtrack.