Mixtapes and Liner Notes is Now Mobile-Friendly!

Thanks to Sugabelly and an inspired Google search, I have finally made my blog mobile-friendly! Which means you don't have to zoom and scroll around on your phone to get to my posts - now it's easy to read. And it looks so pretty! Here's a screen-cap:

Once I get down to some designing for the blog itself, it'll look a lot cooler, but compared to the other options out there, it looks amazing. This is only a beta version of the Blogger mobile option, but hopefully it'll come through to regular Blogger soon. If you want this for your own Blogger/Blogspot blog, go to Blogger's beta site (http://draft.blogger.com), then click "Dashboard" > "Settings" > "E-mail & Mobile" and select the "Activate Mobile Template" (or something like that) option. And voila! Also, make sure to give them feedback so that they can improve on the app and bring it to regular Blogger sooner.

Sorry I've gone dark on you guys - I hope to get those posts I promised up soon. I would do newer music, but my Soribada music card has expired, and I'm debating whether or not I should get a new one, seeing as Soribada only carries 192k MP3s, which I just found out *facedesk*.  I had deleted all my non-purchased k-pop MP3s and replaced them with legal ones from Soribada, but now it looks like I'll have to replace them AGAIN (and pay more for them, too. *sigh.). I mean, the sound quality isn't awful compared to 256/320k MP3s, but even my cheapo JVC headphones can pick up the difference, and that bothers me. I have dreams of guest DJing something in the future, and having LQ MP3s would be unacceptable. So, unless I buy the music card again, there will be a little less Korean music on the blog. Definitely less k-indie. But that allows me to blog about more non-Korean music, so that's good, right? Anyway, I've talked too long. Check out my blog on your mobile phone(!), and look forward to new posts soon. Also, how many of you have Twitter? Was thinking of getting an account for the blog - good idea, or bad idea?

*This blog post is not endorsed by Google or Blogger. I'm just sharing my excitement with the world.


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