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Okay, so this is random and only slightly related, but I was watching an episode of "House Hunters International" yesterday, and this couple was moving to Reykjavik, Iceland. I never thought about visiting a place so close to the North Pole, but the city is gorgeous, and apparently really fun to live in. In my planning out the numerous places I will travel to when I finally have the time and the money, I never remember all these Northern European countries, but I have to start including them soon, especially if they still make awesome music like this 2008 dance single by Swedish singer, Medina:

Also, I only just found out that Emiliana Torrini is from Iceland. She's one of those quirky indie singers that  kinda fly under the radar, but always pop up with amazing stuff, like Gollum's Song for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. My favorite track of hers is her cover of Tom Waits's "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You":

Also another awesome thing about Northern Europe: IKEA! I know the furniture is cheap and not very durable, but the designs are still pretty cool. Plus I can have a stylish place without breaking the bank. If that's not a reason to love that place, I don't know what is.


  1. OMG that Medina song is so good and catchy. Now I'm gonna be scouring the internet for Swedish and Icelandic singers! Any recommendations?

  2. @Saranghaekpop

    When I saw your comment the first thing I thought was "I don't know all that many Swedish bands... but I'll look and see if I have any randomly hanging out in my iTunes library." Turns out I have many singles from musicians that I didn't even know were Swedish! So many, in fact, that I have been inspired to do a blog post or two solely on Swedish music :D Definitely come back to the site and check that out. For now though, since you like k-pop, I will suggest Robyn and Lykke Li - they're both pop and both awesome though they sound very different.

    As for Iceland, apart from Emiliana I'm only familiar with Bjork, and if you've ever heard Bjork's music, you'd know - it's kinda out there. best way to describe it is weird experimental electronic music - sometimes awesome, sometimes just weird. It's worth a listen though. Also, Steed Lord is an Icelandic dance music act that I've heard is good - I only have the remix to their track "Take My Hand" so I don't know what their actual music sounds like.

  3. First, I must apologize for posting so frequently! I'm currently on vacation and am spending too much time listening to music, watching Youtube videos and reading blogs. Your blog is my new favorite!

    I spent summer of 2009 in Sweden and was introduced to awesome artists like Koop and Christian Falk.

    Quick note: Medina is from Denmark. She also released an English version of "Kun for Mig" called "You and I". Another Danish singer of note is the dance artist Ida Corr. Her song "Let Me Think About It" was a massive hit a few years back.

  4. @Mojo

    No worries! I appreciate that you're sharing your opinion on what I write. And I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!

    Medina is from Denmark? Interesting - the person who sent me the mp3/youtube link said she was Swedish, so I guess he was wrong. Will have to correct that when I get to my Swedish (slash Scandinavian) music post, which I still plan on doing. I absolutely LOVE Koop - discovered them through Pandora. Also, "Let Me Think About It" is still my jam. :)


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