So, Maybe That Wasn't Such A Good Idea...

I think I need to issue an apology for that last post - it was a lot, and I doubt a lot of people had the time or energy to go through it all. I've decided to break it up and separate my major reviews into their own posts so that they're less painful to find/read/get through. This also means I get to go into a little more detail (but not too much, I promise!). So look for those in the coming week, as well as a review of MBLAQ's new album "BLAQ Style", and hopefully also a post on k-indie music. Happy Monday everyone! If the beginning of the week has got you down, get lifted with this lovely bubbly song courtesy of Jieun and The Wolves (recommended by McRoth in his "Top K-Pop Songs of 2010 Phase 3" post).


  1. No need for all apology! I was stumbling around surfing the net when I came across if, and now I'm quite intrigued!
    Gonna spend the next hour surfing your blog. Keep writing! It's good stuff :)

  2. aww, thank you! I'm glad the length of the article didn't scare you away, lol

  3. Too long? "Too short" was my impression by the end :)


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