Midweek Music List - Thanksgiving Edition

Hey everyone! I've got another playlist for you guys. I've been busy, and will continue to be busy, so I won't be able to do much else than compile playlists for you once a week for a while, but I'll try to be consistent with this at least until I find more time. Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who live in the US! Today's playlist is what I consider to be a holiday playlist, as it's mostly mid-tempo R&B stuff (in Korean) that you can play in the background while you stuff your face with good food =) Enjoy!

I don't have much to say about the music on this playlist, because they're not songs that strike me because of any one feature, but are just good overall.

Gummy and Bobby Kim collaborate for the track "Love Recipe" and I can't help but think of it as really cute. Amazing voices, lovely song, adorable video from an upcoming Korean romantic comedy to match it. Also, the piano plinking makes it sound kind of holiday-like, doesn't it? Basically I'm saying this should have been on the Love Actually soundtrack.

Nassun & G.O collaborate again on "One" and it's got a little less swagger but a bit more soul than their first collab, "O-WI-O", and it's just as good. A great bump in your car track. I'm not a fan of Nassuns's feature work, but his solo stuff is pretty good. He and G.O are a winning combo.

2AM's new album Saint O'Clock wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but a few tracks stood out. "사랑한단 말 못해 (I Can't Say I Love You)" is probably the best song off the album, and I only say that because it's the only one that evokes a deeper response than an "oh, this sounds nice" from me. "바로 나야 (Just Me)" featuring Glam and "Mirage" are good too, just kinda forgettable. Still, the vocal performances are on point, so yay for 2AM.

Finally, this week we see the return of Brown Eyed Soul with their self-titled third album. If you don't know who these guys are, better get familiar - they are extremely talented vocalists dedicated in schooling the world on how to make good soul and R&B music. Their album release was initially delayed due to the Yeonpyeong Island incident, but an online leak forced them to release it yesterday. It's an amazing album, rooted in old school R&B, but also featuring jazz, gospel and Korean-style ballad music, all tied together by a group of distinct yet complementary voices. I could wax lyrical about them and about this album for days, but I'll just leave you with my two favorite tracks off the album, "비켜줄께 (I'll Move)" and "Rainy".

As a bonus, I've added Psy's "Thank You" featuring ex-Jewelry member Seo In Young in honor of the holiday, so that you can dance off the calories / fight off the itis after Thanksgiving dinner :) Have a good weekend everyone! And please keep Koreans and the victims of the recent incident in your thoughts and prayers.


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