Thursday, November 4, 2010

Midweek Music List II

Here again! More music from myself. A number of goodies this week - I've tried to keep the comments short so you can get back to doing whatever you're supposed to be doing, and included the songs as a playlist so you can listen as you work or over your lunch break or whatever. Let's go!

First up, we have a trio of Korean female vocalists -  Navi, Ali and TomTom -  performing "전설속의 누군가처럼 (The Unwritten Legend)" for Shin Seung Hun's 20th Anniversary album. I love these types of albums because they always contain amazing covers. I'm not really familiar with any of these artists except for Navi, but they can definitely sing. This song has an amazing gospel feel which I feel is a perfect uplifting track for a Wednesday Thursday, don't you? The weekend is almost here!!! (Update: the original video got taken down so I've replaced it with a live performance version - awesome but shortened to three minutes! If you like it, check out the full length song - totally worth it.)

Second up, we have Korean jazz band Winterplay with "Hey Bob". I have seriously been sleeping on this group, but I intend to rectify that soon. Shot in various locations in London, this is an amazing jazz track from their internationally released album, Touche Mon Amour. Haewon is quickly becoming my favorite Fluxus vocalist after Alex from Clazziquai.

Moving away from the Korean music, we have Nigerian indie singer, Siji with "Morenike". On the Youtube video, the song is tagged as "soul, afrobeat and highlife" but it has a house feel to it that I like (not house as in crazy thumping bass, but house as in smooth instrumental grooves.) I only just heard about this dude, but this is from his second album, so clearly I'm missing out.

Coming to the USA, we have Nina Sky with "You Ain't Got It". With a killer eighties sample, Nina Sky returns with an amazing make-you-dance-in-your-seat track, whose message reminds me of this necklace I wanted to buy which says "No, You Can't Have My Number" in bold letters. I would have gotten it, but it was too small. Needs to be a t-shirt or summat. Anyway, the song's awesome. It looks like they're now releasing their music independently, so you can find this track and the rest of their self-released EP The Other Side here.

Finally, last month, one of my favorite bands ever (really, they are), Indonesian indie band White Shoes and the Couples Company, released their newest album, Album Vakansi. I've been waiting for this since the beginning of this year, and have yet to get my hands on it (just ordered it from a small company based in NY - can't wait!). While "Vakansi" is not my favorite off the tracks that I have heard from the album, it's the only song with a Youtube video attached, so enjoy! The song features a famous Indonesian guitarist, Oele Pattiselanno, and his talented strumming halfway through the song is a treat.

Alright! Back to work, people! Or if you're having a long weekend, go play!

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  1. Nina Sky lives!

    I had written them off as dead ever since their one hit way back in they day, but I must say, this new jam is hot! I'm really, really feeling it. As well as the rest of your playlist. :)