Monday, January 26, 2009

Short but sweet

... ever noticed how the best things in life are short-lived? A piece of chocolate, a good night's sleep, a good song? I've consistently noticed that some of my favorite songs are really, really short - or at least, below the 3:15 mark.

1. Charity Case - Gnarls Barkley (The Odd Couple)
Found this on my Janelle Monae station on Pandora. Going On is another great song that's unusually short, but I think this song leaves you wanting more. It always amazes me when a song does that.

2. Beautiful Surprise - India.Arie (Voyage to India)
Simple, short, yet such a beautiful song. Too many words would spoil it. Just listen.

3. Feeling Me, Feeling You - Alicia Keys (The Diary of Alicia Keys)
The electric guitar does it for this one. This song makes me think of New York City at night. Don't ask me why. It just does.

4. Without You (Interlude) - Usher (8701)
So Can You Help Me is an amazing song, but I prefer this one, which precedes it on the album (Usher's best in my opinion). Amazing vocals - the only Usher song I like better is his cover of Luther Vandross's "Don't You Remember" - still gives me the chills every time I hear it.

5. Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys (Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not)
A gem from their first album. One of the reasons I love British music.

6. A LOT of Beatles songs
Blackbird, Can't Buy Me Love, A Hard Day's Night, Love Me Do, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, most of Abbey Road... 'nuff said.

7. Afrique - Tumi and The Volume
Quality South African hip-hop. One to watch.

8. Simi See Trouble - ASHTHOMAS (The Ascension)
Probably the best Nigerian track I've ever heard. People like these guys and M.I. are changing what Nigerian hip-hop sounds like. This song is too short.

9. She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks (Inside In Inside Out)
So I became disenchanted with the Kooks after their first album, but this song is part of the reason why I still think they're a great band. Come to think of it, they typically have really short tracks.

10. Get Fresh - Kid Sister (Dream Date)
So I was going to leave it at 9, but this artist is worth mentioning. In November, I was like "where are all the female MCs???" (yes, I'm a feminist). I got so excited when I discovered this chick. I can't wait till her's and Left Eye's albums come out later this year.

Okay. Now I need to actually get work done. Later y'all. Check out the playlist.

Short But Sweet

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