Magic Systeme!!!

So I had thought that these guys had only done that one song "Premier Gaou" and then disappeared from the scene. But this song came out LAST SUMMER (Channel O has disappointed me because they were NOT up on this) and it seems like these guys are still going strong. Enjoy the video!

So what I didn't like: a) the white chick in the store getting more airtime than the black one; b) the couple that wasn't even dancing, but were simply preparing to get it on. they were unnecessary

What I did like: a) using video blogging/the Youtube craze as a premise for the video; and b) the three afro-haired dudes. They should have got more airtime; c) the fact that I do EXACTLY the same thing: go to my room and rock out to my favorite music. LOLz.

And now I've discovered a new dance style/genre! (Zouglou, originated in Cote D'Ivoire in the 90s)


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