Soon, I'll Be Letting Go

Up late writing a paper, and I've lost all drive... the paper's due in 9 hours, and I have a train leaving in 8 hours. Haven't packed or done anything. Does life suck? Yeah. Gotta get thru this. But afterwards, I'll be like this:

Janelle Monae. Awesomeness. I'm mad I only found out about this song tonight, after purposefully looking for her music. Though I'm sure I heard it on the radio, or somewhere. But anyway, I'm now officially a fan. And it's not just because of her hair, which I think is awesome. It actually bears a resemblance to this photo I found of a Fulani woman in Niger.

Now I don't know about you, but this is probably one of the few things in my life I will ever describe as fierce. The scarf complements the hair so well. I might have to rock this look at some point. Are African women trendsetters? Yes, we are :)
But no, seriously, Janelle Monae is ridiculously awesome. I just listened to the Metropolise Suite I EP on her MySpace page, and it blew me away. It's like she made a compelling fantasy/science-fiction story, and set it to crazy funk-rock-soul music! And it's actually great music! Like, I don't know how to say any more emphatically, go check her out. Just do it. It's really good, I promise - you won't regret it. I won't wax lyrical about how original her music is, how she's changing the face of whatever-genre-you-choose - just go listen. Now. Go.


  1. I'm not as up on my Janelle Monae as I should be. Need to get on it immediately


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