I can't believe I'm actually writing this... but I am jealous of Beyonce. But only because she got to get all up close and personal with Michael Ealy. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous man. There's this shot in the video for Halo where he's smiling at the camera, and he does this slow blink... *sigh. I literally melted when I saw that. He's probably the only celebrity whose photo I'd put up on my wall - who wouldn't want to wake up to this in the morning?I haven't seen him in any movies lately - oh wait, he was in that Spike Lee war movie. I should check that out.
Anyway, enjoy the video. Not impressed, again (recurring theme?). I could see they were using lighting effects to bring the whole angelic thing, but some of the shots went on for too long, and other times the light just hurt my eyes. Artistically, it's lovely enough, but somehow Beyonce trying to look vulnerable and lovestruck didn't work. Maybe it's the quality of the video on Phella's blog. Or maybe I just don't like the song all that much. Oh well. The video for Diva's out as well, apparently. But Sony took it off Youtube, so I guess we'll have to wait until they post it themselves. Concrete Loop says they went again with the black and white and two back up dancers. Using the same concept twice isn't edgy, it's boring. *yawn. I think I'll pass on all things Beyonce until she releases a new album. Unless of course someone buys me tickets to her concert tour. She's great live.

P.S. Tenacious, if you haven't seen my reply to your comment on my other Beyonce post, you should check it out.


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