Going Dark

Hey everyone!

It's been a minute - hope you're all doing well.

I'm officially concluding my run on this blog.

I initially started the blog to showcase my love for music from all over the world. Eventually I fell into k-pop, and I loved unpacking the sociocultural issues I encountered. But I kept trying and failing to give the blog a broader scope, mostly because I was in the honeymoon phase of k-pop where that was all I was listening to.

That period has ended, and I think it's about time to move on. I'm no longer immersed in the genre and the culture, and I haven't had a good idea about k-pop in the last two years. I feel that by keeping the blog open, I'm just putting unnecessary pressure on myself to come up with insights about it. I'm still developing my own scholarly interests, while at the same time trying to complete a law degree, and maintaining a sociocultural commentary blog on k-pop in addition to those things is simply more than my brain can handle right now.

It's been great, and I've met so many awesome, intelligent, insightful people through this blog, and I'm extremely grateful to you readers for making that happen. And I doubt this is the end - I can see myself coming back to k-pop commentary when the time is right.

I still plan on blogging: I just created mixtapesandlinernotes.tumblr.com and I'm planning on using that to do primarily music blogging: posting songs and videos that I like and find interesting (not just k-pop) - maybe with a bit of criticism/commentary, but nothing on the scale of the articles on this blog (hence why I'm switching to Tumblr instead of simply posting new stuff here). If you're interested, feel free to follow me. And I'm always on Twitter, where you can find me talking about all sorts of pop culture nonsense.

Thanks so much for reading!!



  1. I am very impressed by reading your blog I will be back here if you will be updates your blogs.

    Thanks for Post.


  2. Thanks for all the commentary, Mellowyel. It was good times. Best of luck with that law degree!

    Rachel, aka MrCKDexter, FANGIRL


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