Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rainbow Pixie: Half-hearted Girl Group Mashup

So I actually like Rainbow as a group. I think they're talented, and when they're given a decent song, they rock it like nobody's business. However, I am NOT a fan of this video and song:

The song had potential until the wtf-ery that was the middle eight a.k.a Rainbow's Achilles' heel. It wasn't terribly annoying, didn't sound like Orange Caramel, and Jisook and Hyunyoung have pretty good voices. The video however seriously jacked Orange Caramel's swag. There were also hints of Dal Shabet, A Pink and Girls' Day in there. Once you start imitating your dongsaengs, you should stop and think if this is a good choice. Usually, it won't be.

I've always liked Rainbow for not following trends, but it seems they think the cutesy sub-unit is the only way to be relevant these days. Dear DSP: there are other ways to keep making your money. The most obvious suggestion - MAKE GOOD MUSIC. Also try hiring a decent choregorapher - Rainbow always gets the short end of that stick, not unlike SS501 when they were still with you. I have other great ideas of how you could save this girl band, but I'm still trying to find someone to pay me for all the effort I put into my k-pop obsession. Till then, I'll be saving them for my own entertainment company (a.k.a Mellowyel's plan for world domination).

Sorry for not posting sooner guys - was going to wait until I came up with something brilliant before starting again. But I figured it was better if I just got to posting and forgot about being organized, since I clearly can't manage that. I'll try to post more frequently with short opinion pieces like this, but I'm working on some longer posts that will also go up... hopefully. *sigh. Happy New Year!

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