2NE1 Releases "Hate You" MV

I've said a lot about the Miss A/2NE1 comparison, but this video basically threw that out. If both videos end with a guy at the feet of the girls he wronged, then they've gotta be on the same wavelength, right?

I think animation is a perfect choice for a 2NE1 video. Their regular videos are already set in this alternate universe where crazy stuff happens, so why not make it even more pop art? It's like this heightened sense of reality all the time, which works for them since they're all about being larger than life anyway.

I gotta say, Mari Kim did a great job on this. I like her evocative pop art style, and somehow that style, the video-game synths, forceful vocal delivery and the action-packed video mesh really well. I can't say if I'd have liked the song as much had it come out separate from the video, but regardless, I'm a fan. It's a huge step up for Teddy in my opinion: it's the first time I've gotten a completely new feeling out of his electro-pop stuff. Usually it's the same gangsta-vibe or crazy pop, but this is definitely different, and complex and great. There's something about the song that makes me glad they didn't leave it in the demo files. There's a realness to it, I guess - an organized chaos that matches that "Hate You" feeling. And, 2NE1's voices are only minimally processed, which is always a good thing.

The international pop community should get off "Bubble Pop"s train and start spreading the 2NE1 love, because this is fantastic and deserves to be noticed. Definitely one of the better k-pop videos of the year so far.

Edit: I only just noticed after hitting the replay button again that Bom is eating corn as she walks through the pub/saloon/bar at 0:53!!! Haha love it :)


  1. I absolutely love it! We need an entire 24 episode anime with 2NE1 as bounty hunters. I'm singing the song now thanks to the video, I'd say the same thing for Miss A's 'Good-bye Baby'.

    &hearts Bom eating corn and losing her gun.

  2. This music video was adorable, i loved the pop art girls that represented CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy. (Bom's was eating her favourite bread at the bar ;)

    Amen, about the whole "Bubble pop train", I hate that song.


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