5 Top 40 Music Trends I Hate Right Now

1. Repetition: Why the hell do I have to listen to the same words being repeated over and over and over again? I got it the first time: You can see his halo. I'm not an idiot that you need to repeat that for me 50 times in a three minute period. Were you bored? Did the record skip? Or were you just too lazy to actually WRITE the song and filled it with repeats so you could spend more time at the spa? Why this really annoys me is that people only care about Cobra Starship now that they've released "Good Girls Go Bad". There's nothing about that song that's different from any other of their songs, apart from the repetition (and a newly famous TV actress). So why is it that this song is played all over, and their last album, which was amazing, flew under the radar?

2. Ryan Tedder: This dude gets on my nerves. Not only is he populating the airwaves with formulaic songs with a LOT of repetition and not particularly deep or insightful lyrics, he also screwed over Kelly Clarkson by taking the arrangement he wrote for her and selling it to Beyonce, who incidentally, released her track, Halo, a year before Kelly Clarkson released her track Already Gone. I prefer Already Gone (and not just because I have issues with Beyonce) personally. And I don't like giving douchebags my money. So if Ryan Tedder is involved, I'm not buying it. My apologies to all top 40 artists who once had my support.

3. Disney artists: Miley needs singing lessons. The Jo Bros were poised to be the next Busted/McFly, but lost that chance as soon as they signed with Disney. Most of their artists are MUCH better actors than singers, and I can't tell the difference between Selena whoever-her-name-is and Demi Lovato. Go to college, people. Better yet, acting or music school, so that the kids who listen to your music will go to college themselves, instead of running about in Miley Cyrus wigs in the most inappropriate situations.

And as a sidenote, all you High School Musical kids need to start finding decent movies to act in, and avoid the trap of playing someone ten years younger than you are for the rest of your life. Turst me: people will take you seriously.

4. Sell-outs, re: Black Eyed Peas: I loved this group back in the Elephunk days. Then they still had intelligent raps in their songs. Now it's just "How many top 10 hits can we put into this album? Well if it's going to be top 10 we can't have any actual rapping, just a couple of smart lines done in autotune". What the hell happened, guys??? Shoot, even Monkey Business was decent, and I only listen to the first few tracks on that album. Selling out ain't pretty, people.

5. Lil' Wayne: I was done with this dude's "sipping on sizzurp" gargle dressed up as singing back in the Lollipop days. He's featured in nearly every major single of the past two years. Does nobody know the meaning of "overkill"?? He needs to go into rehab and remind himself that he's a rapper and he needs to start bloody rapping.


  1. haha @ the last one...i love lil Wayne so i try to excuse most of his silliness but he does need to sit himself dwn n decide what exactly he is!

  2. You said a lot here, and yeah I'm still kind of perplexed by the Lil' Wayne overkill, despite his talent...


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