Rocking Out With Jesus

So if you haven't already figured out, I love music. I also love Jesus. But those two loves don't always coincide. I'd love to find a blog like The Fader that features new and amazing Christian music of all genres. As much as I believe that you can praise God in any form, I wish there was more variety in the Christian music that came out these days. All I hear these days is Christian music either mimicking top 40 radio (which I no longer listen to) or paint-by-numbers Christian rock.

I loved P.O.D. back in their day because they made music that was different from everyone elses, and still praised God. Christians should be making music that stands out, not blends in. Every day, I happen upon a new artist who's doing something innovative, be it in rap, rock, pop, R&B, whatever. I wish that for every secular artist I found, I could find a Christian artist doing the same thing.

I'm assuming though, that I'm not looking in the right place. So please, if anyone knows Christian, or even just inspirational artists, that aren't your typical gospel/CCM/Christian rock artists, PLEASE send me in the right direction. Even better if it's a blog that features all this stuff.


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