A black - no, white - no... Creole Wonder Woman (?)

Okay, so I will be completely honest with you: I don't think Beyonce can act. Sure she was in Dreamgirls, but she didn't get the Oscar, despite playing the lead role. Why is she suddenly taking on all these serious roles in a doomed attempt to show the world she's an actress? She's going to be Etta James in Cadillac Records, she's probably going to play Eartha Kitt (think: "Santa Baby", the black Catwoman in the Batman TV series. This video is proof that Beyonce can't handle her), and now Wonder Woman? I mean, Diana Ross is great and all, but playing a character loosely based on her in a movie is not exactly a challenging role, B.

Also, I do recall there being plenty of black superheroines in the comicbook world for her to play. Why does she want Wonder Woman? Does this echo of the continuous hair-dyeing, yaki-wearing, and photo touchups that makes the world think she wants to be white? I mean, I know Beyonce prides herself in being a strong black (oh, but not just black, Creole) woman , and is a role model for many young black women, but playing a white superheroine doesn't put us on the map. You know why? Because, we, black women, know that Wonder Woman doesn't represent us. She was never intended to represent us, and she never will. Because even if Beyonce gets to be Wonder Woman, the Wonder Woman in the comics will still be white, the Wonder Woman action figures will still be white. So we will never identify with you, B, because we will never get to be Wonder Woman.

You know, a great career move, B, would be to create a cartoon series loosely based on yourself, featuring a black female superhero. Kind of like a hybrid of Hi Hi PuffyAmiYumi, Jem and the Holograms and Storm from X-Men. Get the word out: make clothes, action figures, get out a CD featuring the original songs YOU recorded for the series. Then you'll have a franchise, and then you can make a movie. Which will sell millions because you'll have an established fan base that will pay to see the movie, even if it sucks. Now there's a challenge.
P.S. Don't overdo the whole Sasha Fierce thing. Having an alter-ego doesn't make you cool.


  1. Oh gosh! You are just sad. your case is just....S.A.D. I'm talking about you multi...why all the hate? Jealous much?

  2. Why would I be jealous of Beyonce? I don't want to work in entertainment, neither do I want her wealth, or her husband. She's talented and all, but I don't like the fact that she claims to represent me, a black woman, when she doesn't. It's as simple as that, and I don't see how that makes me jealous, or sad. Had you actually read my post you would know that. Don't come to my blog and insult me for having an opinion that's not what most people think. Or rather, not what you think. That's just rude. Save your comments for someone who likes Beyonce, or better yet, YOUR OWN BLOG.


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