RaNia, "Style"

Now hold on just a hot minute... where's Jooyi???!

Okay, so considering the main reason I cared about this group in the beginning is their awesome vocals, led by Jooyi, and their envelope-pushing version of sexy, I'm disappointed that both Jooyi and the sexy are absent here. At least, the version of sexy they debuted with. I hate people who do the sexy as a gimmick to get people talking, i.e. most k-pop girl groups. (Which I guess is why I like Hyuna - it's her MO, not something she only does when she's low on the search rankings.)

What is here, though, is some decent electro, some solid singers, and a girl group that still brings some of the sexy and some good performances. The verses are a little boring, but the chorus is decent, and I'm all about that middle-eight dance break. It's enough to get me to hit replay on this at least a few times. The YG touch isn't obvious, which means they can move on (and hopefully up) from here without necessarily changing their style. And the song's got enough going for it that it will keep them in the game. They just need to bring their A-game next comeback. I would suggest making the most of their vocals (can I get some harmonies, please?) and bringing back the choreographer from "Dr. Feel Good." And more Jooyi, please.

Tuesday, Sept 24: Okay, so I basically played this song all weekend. It grew on me unexpectedly. My initial impression still stands, but I'll add that it's actually pretty catchy with a nice melody, and the girls kill it live. You just go, girls.


  1. It was probably weird for her to go back to YG ENT since she had gone to try audition and they were auditioning for 2ne1. . .Plus since then I think three of them dropped out of group once Teddy left them since the label got all shady.I'm surprised you haven't seen wht's been going with them. When RaiNa debut was refreshing and then to come and find out from allkpop.com the news that seem slam Teddy more then their label.

    1. I have followed what's been going on with them - according to Wikipedia, (and it seems accurate) two dropped out before debut, and the Thai girl Joy left to be with her family after the floods. And yeah, Teddy Riley basically dropped the girls like a hot potato after their debut - I suspect that either because YG offered him more money (and exposure), or RaNia's management wasn't delivering on their original promise to promote RaNia worldwide, or both. Not sure what's going on at that label, but they definitely don't have their shit together.

    2. Joy did NOT leave to "be with her family after the floods", that was a lie put out by management. She left because she got sick and then realized that singing with RaNia really wasn't what she wanted to do.


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